Overview 2018


Grinding wheels for bar turners

9A3 Wheels for Agathon machines. Resin binder for finishing and hybrid resin-metal binder for drafts/rough.

9A3 Wheels

Multilayer galvanic wheels

Wheels for shape machining in ceramics and sapphires.
Single-layer and multilayer manufacturing.

Our catalog of galvanic wheels



Precision and cutting wheels

Wheels shapes 1A8 and 1A1R.
Resinoid and metallic binder usable on hard metal, ceramic, sapphire, hardened steel.

Our 1A8 wheels
Our 1A1R wheels

Watchmaking decoration wheels

Resinoid binder for dry work. For heavy metal, hard metal, ceramic, steel, brass, etc.

Our 6A9 wheels fo watchmaking decoration


Our Assets


Our company develops and manufactures a wide range of diamond and CBN grinding wheels since 1991.

Our products have excellent quality and very competitive delivery times.